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to be the coldest and breaking news about el nino. i'll have that coming up. >>> and new tonight, a raging fire destroyed a house in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood. a neighbor shot this video just moments after flames broke out around 6:30. the neighbor tells us the house had been abandoned for many years and was currently being renovated. flames also torched the wall of a nearby house. >>> tonight the u.s. military is taking disciplinary action against a group of elite navy seal's because of what the men did for a bay area company. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers shows us the video game that may reveal government secrets. >> reporter: they call it medal of honor war fighter. a war video game so life-like that its creators, redwood city based electronic arts, consulted with current members of the navy's storied seal team, including the men who may have helped take down osama bin laden. now seven seal's have been reprimanded, their pay partially forfeited, for leaking classified military secrets. the game does not re-create the bin laden raid and it's unclear what information the se
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and cold quickly. here's where we are on hi-def doppler. strong els radar in the bay area picking up some showers in the south bay. milpitas, san jose, north of palo alto, mountain view with heavier showers toward the los altos hills. one heavier cell daly city, south san francisco in the next 20 minutes just now moving onshore. the rain is widespread, cold is everywhere. 53 now for concord. san jose 53. san francisco 54. on monday in san jose, a record high of 84 degrees. today in san jose, we dropped nearly 30 degrees all the way down to the mid-50s. coming up in weather i'll talk about how long this will stick around the rain and the cold and have a weekend preview coming up. >>> a powerful november nor'easter delivered another blow to the northeast. the storm pounded the area with rain, snow and winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. and it has caused more than $200,000 in additional -- excuse me, 200,000 additional power outages in the same areas hit by superstorm sandy. the new storm is pushing residents to the limit. >> everything that i open is here. i'm trying to save it. >> good
.s. open twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. . >>> welcome back, we are welcome being the joy wish community relation -- jewish community center here and what initially attracted you to this community work and to the jewish count tell yourself am and i am passionate about the issues we address and the truth of the matter is i grew up in the 60s. i started in 1968, a time when there were fourish use of great moment and and it is more on the universe sal side of the ledger and the after math of the six day war and the new love, beginning with found my is he straw to those end serious -- those serious injuries and what i looked at after i wanted to do what i can in gauge and to this day that is exactly what had has lacked like of the and that has excited in from my early days of my you youth. >> this is a national concern, jewish concerns and ethnicity neck april and let's take and own that say we have jewish eye accidentty development and i am hondaing if in your 30 years, in the unique
monitors whether we'll have an el nino. they said we would have a wea el nino. last night they say it will be a neutral winter, not la nina or el nino. no el nino and less snowfall and less precipitation around here fewer storms come wintertime. here's hi-def doppler which anytime there is a storm it is the strongest most accurate radar in the bay area tracking a few showers hugging th coastline. it may affect you in santa cruz or capitola but missing right now the 280 corridor and 101 on the peninsula. here's what we have on a wide scale. notice all the clouds are just racing down from the north. that's why it's so cold outside. it's not going to change for the next couple of days what we are going to have is below normal temperatures even when the sunshine comes back. upper level low pressure is moving out enhancing of the northerly flow so the rain will leave after tonight. the cold is going to stick around. we'll be below normal for several days. high pressure building in starting veterans sunday. that will keep the rain away but we are on the northern fringe of it so we'll sti
diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn more at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. . >>> welcome back to mosaic. you're looking at a wonderful picture of rabbi doug kahn receiving his awards from his evening of being celebrated for his 30 years of service at the jewish community relations council. doug, what are you holding there? >> i am holding an oscar. it's now on my mantle, an award i was given for being an advocate, or i guess the best advocate is what they called it. it was an evening that touched me greatly. the chairs of the event and all of the organizers, the superb lay leaders who work with jcrc and our outstanding staff put on an event that was a total surprise for me and a great success for jcrc and i thank the community and one i will treasure forever. >> oscars were there because you are among many, many other things, a lover of movies. >> this is very true. i like to say i like bad movies. [ laughter ] >> do you have any movies that you've seen lately that you suggest? >> i just saw with my wife the movie
. it's become quite the mess. big draw is the 130 stores right off of 580 in el charro road. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman spent the day with those determined shoppers. >> reporter: they are living large in livermore. "fiscal cliff"? not here. this is an outlet mall the first one built in years the only one in the east bay and the opening stopped traffic. very heavy continues continue through the livermore valley lots of people heading to the new paragon outlet stores off el charro road. >> reporter: this traffic is for a mall. what do you think? >> usually 30, 35 minutes away but today an hour and a half. >> we have the cozy top. she is also wearing our famous cozy. >> reporter: line out the door of prada. 1,000 bucks what would it be normally? >> about 2,000. >> reporter: 2,000? it's a 50% discount. >> females love coach. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's free advertising. got a big name, coach, on it. >> yeah. >> reporter: they should be paying you. >> i would hope so one day at least. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: mind if i take a bite? that line is long. thank you. >> would you li
is trying to find shelter for an el sobrante family after fire damaged their home. the attic fire sent one firefighter to the hospital with minor injuries. residents inside smelled smoke before the alarm went off. the fire caused at least $80,000 in damage. >>> right now pg&e crews are working to fully restore power at san francisco's city hall. last night a small fire in the electrical room in the basement triggered the smoke alarms and formed the evacuation of the about. the fire department tells us there's just minor damage to the electrical room and they aren't sure how it started. city hall should be open for business as usual today. >>> sierra lamar's accused killer faces new charges this morning. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres was been charged with trying to kidnap three other victims during three cam,ing in 2009. lamar disappeared in march of this year. torres was arrested in may for her kidnapping and murder even though lamar's body has not been found. >>> we are getting a look at two men suspected of kidnapping a woman and driving her from atm to atm in the east bay. walnut cr
emergency on the tracks. right now there's delays richmond to el cerrito. all other bart lines, ace, muni, caltrain, ferries are on time. the lines impacted the red and orange richmond to el cerrito there are delays due to an earlier medical emergency. elsewhere a couple of other problems on the roads. southbound 680 approaching treat boulevard in walnut creek, there is an accident cleared to the right-hand shoulder but it is slow and go through the area. also, an earlier police stand offis now over. all the off-ramps to treasure island are now back open. you can see access treasure island but this is a pretty intense overnight nearly 7 howe standoff. the turned on the metering lights early. so there is a bigger-than-usual backup at the bay bridge. jammed solid up to the incline. that's traffic. back to you guys. >>> the shuttle program is retired but the u.s. continues to make history in space travel. captain scott kelly will be on the international space station for a year. that would be the longest mission ever for a united states astronaut. the current record is 215 days. he is expect
this morning in a fire in el sobrante. the injury happened at a home with a fire in the attic. all residents got out safely. >>> traffic and weather on your wednesday coming up right after the break. ,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the usual commute toward the pay gate backed up through the maze, 20 minutes while they turn the metering lights on. elsewhere, westbound 237 a little stop and go. you can see it from this live traffic camera in milpitas. looks like that to sanger road. that's your "timesaver traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> what a gorgeous sunrise today. and a beautiful day ahead as high pressure holding strong now, a few high clouds drifting overhead making the skies prettier this morning. temperatures in the 30s in some of the valleys so chilly, 40s and 50s elsewhere but by the afternoon get a load of this, 60s even some low 70s at the coastline. mid-70s in some of the warmest valleys. enjoy it. this will be the nicest one, cooler tomorrow, maybe rain on friday. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,
will cost 15 cents more from any convenience store. if i bought either in the neighboring city of el cerrito, it would be cheaper. cheaper, more expensive. cheaper, more expensive. >> did cigarette taxes hurt businesses? well, to some extent. you know, they made less money on cigarettes but we wanted that. >> reporter: at this hair salon, the buzz is about measure n and at least here among the ladies it's not popular. >> people are still going to buy soda regardless. >> reporter: rosalin butler understands we have an obesity crisis but says this is no way to fix it. >> i believe that starts in the home. >> reporter: big soda has poured five million dollars into defeating measure n. proponents have raised only $70,000. proponents say it would raise $3 million for the city but say it doesn't necessarily have to go to the schools. they would like it to but there's nothing in the law about it. in richmond, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> two separate wrecks involving a big rig and nine cars on highway 101 in san francisco this afternoon blocked three lanes of the highway south of 280 for nearly two ho
will realize there are multiple ways to get here and relieve some of the pressure on the el tro exit. >> i certainly hope that the vol that we saw this -- the volume that we saw this weekend is not snarled and people can get in and out of the center. >> reporter: 2,000 permanent jobs and 1500 seasonal jobs have been create and the center will generate $1 million in sales tax. livermore has already hired additional police officers and reinstated their gang and drug task force because they know the money is coming in. >> and it is going to get crazy again here next week. thanksgiving, on thursday, they open up the mall at 10:00 p.m. for 25 hours of nonstop shopping. in livermore, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >>> green coffee becoming the new diet craze. questions about what is really inside the fat-busting pill. >>> and cars are back in their driveways but who is going to pay for damage like this? coming up what you need to know about your insurance before disaster strikes. >>> a mass shooting at a seek temple. for the first time cops talk about how they confronted it. tonight on the cbs evening
but homeless after a house fire in el sobrante. it happened on sherwood forest drive about 12:30 this morning. fire crews knocked the fire down in 20 minutes. one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his art. damage is estimated at $80,000. one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his arm. >>> the commercial crab fishermen headed out this afternoon. they will get $3 per pound. you can expect to pay about twice that. word is the crabs are bigger this year but there are fewer of them. >>> crews are work against the clock in the daly city neighborhood buried by a mud slide. they are trying to shore up the hillside before the rain hits. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez with how exactly they are doing that. joe. >> reporter: hey, allen. from this perspective you can see the neighborhood here and then way up on the hillside you can see that huge crater where all that water came spewing out of yesterday. it cuts right to left and it barely missed the homes here. now there's another concern, a storm is in the forecast. stacking hay and clearing storm drains, two tasks that have daly city crews hard at
of the precipitation heading due east towards el sobrante where we have plenty of rainfall on the slippery bridge on the san rafael richmond spread. so rain is north of the golden gate bridge now but in the san jose area we have mostly cloudy skies and we'll pinpoint what time you can expect that rain in san jose. that's still coming up later on but if you want to track the rain in your neighborhood anytime of day, you can find it on >>> thank you. well, people in one daly city neighborhood are keeping an uneasy eye on the weather. the area was damaged by a massive water leak this week. tuesday's pipe break gouged out a hillside and left the neighborhood covered in mud. crews have uncovered a storm drain which disappeared under the mud hoping this weekend's rain will run off into the drain and out of the area. >>> cat williams is facing a lawsuit for allegedly beating a fan in oakland this week. the comedian didn't impress the crowd at oracle arena last night. >> i know [ bleep ] don't like me that's what makes me real i ain't trying to be something this is all i'm is yo [ blee
in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> hi,everyone. good morning. monday is here. it's november 19. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now just about 4:30. lawrence, it's monday! [ laughter ] >> you say that so sadly. yes, it is! but you know what? it looks like a nice monday. a lot of clouds in the skies, slight chance we could see a few showers to the north. otherwise drying out. more on that coming up. >> at least it's dry, a nice commute shaping up and not a lot of roadwork out there as well coming through the altamont pass quiet. where roadwork could
're not seeing la nina or el nina. it's a la nada. so we're kind of bouncing between fluctuation patterns so we are not sure what we are going to expect as we head into the winter. things locked up. we have a trough along the west coast, we get a lot of rain. right now we have showers. you can see some of the scattered light showers continuing mainly in the north bay right now although we have seen some drizzle out along the immediate coastline but the showers have been sporadic and on and off throughout the night in much of the north bay so expect it to be wet there and continue to do so throughout the day. in fact, if you are heading out the door, we have some drizzle at the coastline. cloudy skies and windy in spots so watch out for that and the showers continuing to the north. by the afternoon, the rain will be on the increase especially in the north bay but starting to slide further south. this is a really slow-moving storm. temperatures not too bad mainly into the 60s. you will see all the clouds, a lot of warm frontal moisture sliding through the bay area but the cold front still well to
of next week. so good news is the weekend is look great. >> is that our pattern for the winter? is it el nino or la nina? >> we're stuck in the middle now but the deal is this time of the year specifically november into december there's always an active storm somewhere. the question is, is it here or not? most often it's not. next week, looks like that active pattern will be right over top of us. >> coming to town. >> load up on umbrella if you are still shopping. >>> when we come back, bay area researchers come up with a way to speed up the implant process for implant survivors. how it works next. >>> thousands protest in egypt accusing the president of assuming the powers of a dictator. is this the end of the arab spring? that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, ,,,, ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. with breast cancer will undo a mastectomy. now a new experimental device -- maden the bay area - is helping te wo
. that was due to el nino. even though we are expecting a foot of rain here in napa between today and sunday night, coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you why we don't anticipate the same kind of flooding. that's tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. reporting from napa, roberta gonzales cbs 5. >>> and as you just heard, the north bay is going to get hammered but one spot in particular really needs to watch out. in the past, heavy rains have flooded san anselmo creek inundating the downtown with water. voters approved a tax for prevention projects five years ago. but the money has been tied up in court most of the time. now there's about $10 million waiting to be spent. >> there are efforts that -- planning efforts and more to develop what are called retention ponds in upstream areas the idea of which is to slow down the downstream onslaught of water that happens in big rain events. >> the town may be on alert but not everyone there is happy about being on the news. ahead at 6:00, cbs 5's mike sugerman explains why. >>> we might be seeing more of this before all is said and done. this tree came down
our el nino year of 1997, 1998, i have never seen such widespread flooding. i brought this tape to see how deep it is here and it's over a foot and a half of ponding on this road. this is crazy. i have to tell you, i started hearing the raindrops off my rooftop right after midnight and this rain has not let up all cause by the low pressure to the west causing a training effect. the rain just keeps steadily moving in as lawrence was alluding to, we have more rain coming sow what are they doing here in the bay area? they are turning on the drains and starting to try to get all of this water out of this particular parking lot before more water moves back in. now, if you want to just see how much more rain is going to be moving into your neighborhood, it's easy. check out our live high-def doppler radar at you can even maneuver the radar and see how it is shaping up in your neighborhood. but again, we have more happening in and around the bay area. this is mobile weather right now here in the east bay but let's go to cate caugiran in san francisco. >> reporter: well, rob
, director's award for a shootout el he'smacdill front gate. he is known as a hard charger. what comes with that, though, a bitof people i spoke with worked with him, there was a bit f ban edge to him at guantanamo bay as an sborinterrogator, lef with bad blood. in this case, of course, when the agents stopped briefing him on the case that he brought in that he wasn't assigned to, he went outside the congress reporting that. now he has asked for histleblower status. going to on is, is he going to ee in some kind of trouble? we don't know yet. >> other big question, front page of the wall street journal today is about some tension between the cia director, david petraeus, and the head of the was that petraeus, as this stuff was about to break, wanted han had back and put out his own timeline in benghazi, a different timeline than had been put out by the white house. petraeus this suggest? >> david petraeus comes into the cia as a military guy that everybody is looking at, he's at, to tne of us, who says i can challengthe challenge. i can defend my own agencies re here. i can show the tr
15 cents more from any convenience store. if i bought either in the neighboring city of el cerrito, it would be cheaper. cheaper, more expensive. cheaper, more expensive. >> did cigarette taxes hurt businesses? well, to some extent. you know, they made less money on cigarettes but we wanted that. >> reporter: at this hair salon, the buzz is about measure n and at least here among the ladies it's not popular. >> people are still going to buy soda regardless. >> reporter: rosalin butler understands we have an obesity crisis but says this is no way to fix it. >> i believe that starts in the home. >> reporter: big soda has poured five million dollars into defeating measure n. proponents have raised only $70,000. proponents say it would raise $3 million for the city but say it doesn't necessarily have to go to the schools. they would hike you to drink more crystal guys -- they would like you to drink more, say, crystal geyser rather than coca- cola. >>> when is the last time you used a pay phone? coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the costly wake- up call for anyone who thinks a quar
for an el sobrante family after a fire damaged their home of the the fire sent a firefighter to the hospital. he only had mine more injuries though. the residents inside smelled the smoke before their alarms even went off. fire caused at least $80,000 in damage. >>> right now pg&e crews are trying to fully restore power on the 3rd and 4th floors of city city hall. these are live pictures at san francisco city hall. they will run on generator power when it opens for business later today. last night an electrical problem in the basement set off the smoke alarms forcing everyone inside the building to evacuate. the sprinklers went off and caused some minor damage to be cleaned up. >>> the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is facing more charges. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres is being charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping during a carjacking. those date back to march of 2009. lamar disappeared in march of this year. torres was arrested in may for kidnapping and murder even though lamar's body has not been found. >>> new video shows two kidnapping suspects w
was hurt battling this blaze in el sobrante. four people got out of the house safely just after midnight before firefighters got there. the injured firefighter was treated at the hospital and released. >>> an electrical fire caused power problems today at san francisco city hall. the basement fire set off the sprinkler system last night. apparently it didn't affect public services today. however, some employees did have to work off site. no word on when things will be back to normal. >>> mother nature's sprinkler system is going to come on big time. >> it is. it's going to be like how do we turn it off? it will be like that's my call. it will be on for a while. what a gorgeous day today. some of you in the 70s, sunshine, beautiful day outside, a little breezy but changes coming in as soon as tomorrow. first the clouds, then the rain. right now just the beauty. bay bridge from our rooftop, there it is mainly clear skies outside, gorgeous evening to get outside. and we'll drop down to the mid- to upper 40s on average again tonight. hi-def doppler strongest radar in the bay area dry for now
good. chopper zooms out on 380 and el camino real. overall it is extra "friday light" this morning. we know obviously a lot of folks off work so everything is pretty quiet for silicon valley commuters on westbound 237 leaving milpitas. similar story little farther north 880 the nimitz in oakland. oakland coliseum right there off in the distance. if you are traveling southbound 880, it is not too bad from the macarthur maze all the way down into oakland and towards hayward heading towards highway 92. let's try to click past this to our next map. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. nice flow this morning both directions between marin county and san francisco. they did some lane changes a little while ago. if you are really heading out of town towards the sierra, here's a gorgeous picture this morning. this is interstate 80 near truckee. you can see some fog but no chain requirements this morning as lawrence said it's staying dry so 80, 50 and 88 no chain requirements. also looks good for the grapevine. that is your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys
the ride on the main lines of the freeway near el charro look good. so right now 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. if you are really getting out of town towards the sierra, fortunately there are no chain requirements right now on interstate 80, highway 50 or highway 88. it looks good through the grapevine. here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. nice flow this morning all across the span. just some lane changes a little while ago so everything is quiet towards doyle drive. silicon valley commute westbound 237, no delay through milpitas. and so far like i said pretty much incident-free as far as our chp reports go if you're traveling near oakland airport and coliseum. that is traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> dozens of people have lost their homes after a thanksgiving night fire at this ohio condominium complex. lucas county authorities say the fire broke out just after 7:00 last night. nobody was injured. the building appears to be a total loss. at last no word yet on a possible cause. >>> and
. in the meantime, let's go out towards el charro. hopefully you can see that westbound 580 ride. it looks like our camera is just cutting it off but there is an accident approaching the dublin interchange all lanes remain shut down at westbound 580. so they are cleaning up some sort of oil spill in the area. it's a big rig accident there since about 1:50 this morning. and right now traffic is able to get by on the right-hand shoulder. but it's backed up to livermore and pleasanton. and they are saying about 6:00 when they are going to hopefully reopen lanes. let's go towards the bay bridge. you can see cars making splashes this morning especially in the middle lanes where it tends to puddle the fastrak lanes so you can see it is wet and slick and yeah we have high wind advisories in effect for pretty much all our bridges. as michelle just mentioned it's going to be windy, as well. here's a live look across the san mateo bridge, caltrans has warning signs up. you can see that there in the distance. this is westbound 92. eastbound 92. so far no major problems across the san mateo bridge between hayw
clinton is in the middle of that. john miller, former deputy ele director of national intelligence joins us. what would a ceasefire look like? >> so you're dealing with a trust but trust and then verify atmosphere where the trust is very low and the ability to verify is pretty s difficult. so it's not going to be an if shootin you stop shooting we'll stop it shooting. it's got to have a third party built in. could that be qatar, turkey? the most likely player would be gypt. egypt. hamas. they have a relationship with israel, a strong relationship egypti with hamas. idea that might mean putting egyptian monitors in, on the idea that the long-range rockets hamas goted. from iran would be removed, no co further shipments would come in be no and there would be no shooting inte there. that would put egypt in a prettypresident mo interesting position. >> considering the new leader is the muslim brotherhood. >> they created hamas. monitor when you look at them as o monitor, that's the trust but trust. verify who do we really trust.egypt but israel has a long-standing s gov
." and he performed at the super bowl halftime show. in colorado, el dorado canyon he was more than happy to show us how he creates these films. >> you want me to dang frl where? >> i want to dangle you off the cliff. so you get to see the world from our perspective. >> all right. >> reporter: easier said than tone. first we had to climb up there. >> how is that going? >> these are not climbing shoes. >> we're here to do a shoot but in front of that is at all times safety. >> reporter: high above the canyon floor with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour it was time to descend nearly 100 feet. >> welcome to our office. >> i've never done an interview off the side of a mountain before. what's the biggest challenges you face? >> the climbs that these guys are doing. cutting-edge of climbing has gotten so far out there and so for us to get into position, it's a bigger challenge. and then visually we want to shoot things in a new way. we never want to climb like something we did before. >> reporter: he does all this by working with the signalest and lightest equipment available, multiple camer
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